Ryan Edwards - Chief Executive Officer

In 1997, Ryan and a group of like-minded executives had a mission to deliver creative, agile, value-driven professional services to the fast growing enterprise market. The objective was to deliver innovative solutions where clients can realize strategic, customized price/performance models that address their budgeting and value-driven objectives.

To date, ITCO has helped thousands of customers achieve greater efficiency and optimization. The quality and high performance standards of ITCO have helped customers realize millions in hard-dollar cost savings.  From airlines, financial services, utilities, technology, communications, manufacturing and more, ITCO’s groundbreaking solutions are unmatched. Today, Ryan is responsible for managing the company along with formulating and executing both short and long-term strategies.  He is also working closely with clients, employees and other stakeholders to continue delivering innovative solutions that deliver measurable value. Ryan is ITCO’s primary decision and policy-maker, setting the tone for the company’s values, ethics and culture. Ryan Edwards holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Organizational Behavior from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California. Prior to founding ITCO Solutions, Inc., Ryan held leadership roles in marketing, corporate development and management consulting.

Al Etterman - Vice President, Enterprise Solutions
Al Etterman joined the ITCO Solutions leadership team in 2014 as Vice President of Strategic Solutions, bringing with him more than 25 years of technology management and business expertise.  He has a well-documented track record for leading organizations through business growth, acquisitions and industry transformation. In today’s competitive business environment, Al’s vision and creativity are valued assets to the delivery of strategic solutions in all areas, especially where IT not only needs to be innovative, but also needs to be practical, keeping systems running while keeping costs manageable. “The goal is to deliver high impact business results with emerging technologies in enterprise software, systems integration and customer enabling solutions,” says Al. Simply put, when a CEO or CIO is about to embark on a company-wide strategic initiative, they call Al to make it happen. Previously, Al held numerous top C-Level positions with several corporations ranging from start-ups to two-billion dollar firms, including CEO at Global Netoptex (GNi), a managed Cloud Service Provider; CAO at JDSU; and CIO at both Openwave and JDSU.

Chris Joubert - Director, Workforce Solutions
Chris Joubert, Director of Workforce Solutions, joined ITCO Solutions in 2004.  Chris brings more than 15 years of enterprise technology management, fulfillment and operations experience to our world-class team. His first leadership role as Senior Delivery Manager was to restructure ITCO’s Center of Excellence. The objective was to help ensure that all ITCO customers receive the industry’s highest level of delivery and performance across all business lines.  When it comes to Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, VMWare, Cisco and EMC, Chris ensures maximum efficiency and value on each engagement. “ITCO’s ability to deliver quality and performance is unlike any professional services company in the world. We understand our customers' needs like no other company. Of course they need great performance, but more than that, ITCO provides the tailored solutions and maximum value they require," says Chris. Before joining ITCO Solutions, Inc., Chris played a significant role supporting enterprise delivery initiatives for other service organizations. In addition to managing strategy and delivery operations, he was accountable for logistics, on-time installation and overall customer satisfaction. He is a graduate of Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas.

Zane Edwards - Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing
Zane Edwards is a proven leader in technology with more than 25 years of experience centered on creative innovation solutions.  He has extensive knowledge and background in both front end and back end office solutions with a passion for business development, branding, marketing and sales. Zane was a founding member and Managing Director of Workforce for MyITgroup, a full service IT consulting company. When Visionary Integration Professionals acquired MyITgroup in 2007, he remained as their Executive Vice President. Under his skilled direction, the company delivered competitive value to customers through strategic positioning and organizational business initiatives. Zane holds a BA from San Jose State University and a Masters Degree from Golden Gate University.
Chris Haney - Director, Workforce Solutions Program
Chris HaneyChris Haney is Director of ITCO's Workforce Solutions Program worldwide. Chris brings several years of Staffing Management and Workforce Solutions expertise to ITCO Customers both large and small. From dynamic Start-Ups to Global Fortune 50 Customers, Chris works tirelessly with ITCO's Relationship Managers and Customers to ensure maximum success across the board. Today, more than ever, Companies require "Staffing Solutions" and not transactions. Chris has been instrumental in delivering value-based, cost-effective solutions that address our clients' specific business requirements. His customer-centric approach helps ITCO Sales and Support teams deliver maximum value but also the highest level of Customer Service. "The changing trend in the staffing industry is in full swing as companies are moving away from the "Agency Approach" and towards strategic, value based solutions, tailored to meet their unique challenges! This is what ITCO Workforce Solutions Delivers better than anyone!" (Chris Haney)