ITCO Cloud Computing


Eight out of ten CIOs are delivering cloud solutions today.  ITCO got a head start on cloud as our world-class organization has been delivering cloud services solutions for nearly 20 years.  Today, cloud technology has become the standard for every successful enterprise for companies working to streamline application delivery and support. ITCO architects, engineers, consultants and support professionals provide vendor agnostic delivery to our clients worldwide.  Our agnostic approach means that our Customers get the solution to address their specific business demands.

ITCO Customers require:

  • An agnostic approach to ensure they achieve maximum value and RIO.
  • A trusted advisor who presents specific products and solutions to address their unique needs.
  • A partner who has vision can create a playbook that addresses and helps mitigate future challenges.

ITCO is the only enterprise vendor agnostic services provider that brings together infrastructure, software and services.

Delivering Cloud?

Delivering an enterprise cloud environment can be a challenge for any company, large or small. You need to adopt the best delivery model and workloads that ensure the most efficient migration to the cloud. Delivering cloud means that you will need experienced Consultants to ensure success.

Let ITCO cloud consultants help you streamline your adoption of cloud technology.

Our Consultants will apply key industry experience along with the appropriate tools to help you develop and execute your strategy. We can also help you support your new cloud environment following delivery. ITCO is a vendor agnostic solutions company. This means we recommend the tools and solutions that meet your specific business requirements, while other consultants are only able to recommend the products and solutions they manufacture. Our focus is your success from start to finish.

Assess your cloud?

Many of our clients have cloud and are working to ensure their investment is being optimized appropriately. Whether we supported your efforts to deliver cloud or not, we can assess your infrastructure and ensure you are maximizing your investment. ITCO Consultants will also provide a “Playbook” and outline specific areas for your organization to further optimize your cloud.  ITCO’s play book also points out the security strengths and weaknesses of your cloud. We provide a plan of action and strategy that gives your organization the tools necessary to further secure and optimize your cloud.

Storage and Recovery

Key components of your cloud are storage and recovery. Do you need to access mission critical documents from anywhere and over any connection? Do you need access to audio files or text messages, even video? Will a cloud storage and recovery solution reduce operations costs across the board for your organization? ITCO will help you deliver scalable archiving and storage solutions for your enterprise.