ITCO Innovation

Soon after our doors opened in 1997, ITCO Executives spent the first 6 months meeting with business and technology leaders across many industries.  The agenda for these discussions was simple as we asked just one question to begin the conversation.  What are your concerns with Technology Services Suppliers today and what specific areas do you feel should be improved?  As you sould expect, we gathered a wealth of information, but what you might not expect was that more than 80% of the feedback centered around three primary categories committed to Partnership, Value and Service.  These three areas remain to be the backbone of ITCO's Professional Services and Solutions today.  "It's not just about tangible products anymore," says Ryan Edwards, ITCO CEO.

Our team took these three areas and created ITCO IST (Innovation and Solutions Team). The mission was set and the work began as we created cutting edge, disruptive, professional services and solutions that have taken the technology services world by storm.

The results of IST have been cutting edge solutions such as SMARTSOFT (ITCO's Software Licensing Program) aimed at providing unprecedented hard-dollar cost savings.  Then came RateFIX and RateSYNC which were designed to deliver maximum performance, value and efficiency on each engagement.  Customers have realized as much as 20% hard-dollar cost savings and much more in time consuming scrutinization across the professional services spectrum.

Today, ITCO Innovation continues to simplify professional services across the technology spectrum. Customers large and small have changed their approach to addressing IT Consulting, Managed Services, IT Sourcing and Software Licensing.  "Customers who are open to change have realized enormous savings and value," says Shane Heddy, ITCO Director of Enterprise Consulting Services.