100% of Companies are working diligently to reduce spend and streamline their business.  Part of this effort is to "Consolidate" and "Simplify" Payroll Services for Contractors who are recruited internally.

We ask the following…

  • Why do you have several vendors delivering "Pass-Thru" or "Payroll Services?"
  • Why do you have several vendors providing different mark-up fees for payroll?
  • Why don't you have "One Vendor" delivering Payroll Services at one fixed mark-up?
  • Who can you trust with more than 20 years experience?

With ITCO's Payroll Services Team your organization achieves the following:

  • Seamless Transition from your current services to ITCO PS.
  • World-Class Payroll Platform.
  • Contractor Support 24x7, 365 days a year.
  • Excellent Benefits (Healthcare, Retirement).
  • A Tailored Solution supporting your unique business challenges.
  • Customized Reporting build just for you.
  • Seamless on-boarding.
  • Fixed Mark-Up ensuring seamless billing and budgeting - As you grow, so does the savings.
  • Dedicated Services and Support Team delivering world-class Customer Services.
  • Mobile App to ensure optimal time management.
  • Measurable COST SAVINGS and VALUE every day!

Talk to ITCO and we'll show you how.